Mr. Sudhir Kumar Kohli
President, IBCL
Managing Director, Paras International

Sudhir, now a Luxembourg national, originally from India, has been living in Luxembourg for over 35 years.

After having worked as a Senior Officer in an International Bank for more than 11 years in Luxembourg, Sudhir started his business career as the Managing Director of ParasInternational SA, using Luxembourg as a logistic hub and successfully dealing in the global trade of imaging products for over 20 years.

He is the Chairman of Imetris Corporation, a Michigan based IT consulting firm catering to the knowledge based service sectors. He is also a board member of the IT firms Eximware Inc and Campfire Interactive.

He is the Founder and the President of the Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg.

He is also the Co-Chairman of Association of International Speaking Business Organizations, Luxembourg and one of the founding members of the Myanmar Business Chamber of Luxembourg.

He is the Ex-President of the Indian Association of Luxembourg.

He is professionally qualified in banking, business and entrepreneurship.

His views to be a winner in life and successful in business are to do right things in the right way, learn how to give and share, have a positive attitude, be an asset, believe in creation and distribution of wealth and be self-motivated.