Mr. Carlo Reding
ABAX Consulting, Luxembourg

Mr. Nicolas Graas
CEO, Rives Fertiles SA, Luxembourg

Mme. Antoinette Probst

Mr. Gerald Stevens
Partner, Mosar De Wolf, Luxembourg

Mr. Jean-Jacques Schonckert
Avocat, Luxembourg

Mr. Maxmillan Von Hochberg
Director, Hotel Mercure, Luxembourg

Mr. Georges Wirtz
Avocat, Luxembourg

Mr. Kim Lindinger
Director, Lindinger Management SA, Luxembourg

Mme. Denise Birtkel-Trausch
Agence Generale Birkel-Traush Denise (La Luxembourgeoise), Luxembourg, Manager, MELANGE, Luxembourg

Mr. Roger Miller
Manager, RM LuxTrade, Luxembourg, Avocat à la Cour, Luxembourg

Mr. Anil Kumar Singh
Asset Manager, Smart Private Managers SA, Luxembourg

Mr. Bernard Zimmer
IBS & Partners, Luxembourg

Mr. Jean-Luc Dascotte
Partner, Tiberghien Lawyers, Luxembourg

Mr. Bernard Questier
General Manager, Q and A Sarl, Luxembourg

Mr. Thierry Wolter
Member of Executive Board, Ceratizit DA, Luxembourg

Mr. Christopher Clarke
Senior Associate, AMMC Law, Luxembourg

Mr. Dilip Van Waetermeulen
Director, Arboretum Consulting SA, Luxembourg

Mr. Stefano Batazzi
Luxembourg Property Services, Tetange, Luxembourg Founder & Managing Director, JMV Capital Management (Mauritius) Ltd, Luxembourg

Mr. Heiner Hartwich
Economic Advisor, Luxembourg

Mr. Marius Gavrila
Financial Consultant, Walden University, Luxembourg

Mr. Henri Diederich
Dentist, Cabinet Dentaire Diederich & Vorpahl

Mme. Fatima Oudoud
Client Partner, Luxembourg

Mr. Maurizio Zanella

Mr. Selvaraj Alagumalai
Managing Director, Fouress Systems SA

Mrs. Ragot Emmanuelle
Wildgen Partners in Law, Luxembourg

Mr. Alexandre TASKIRAN
General Manager, Trustconsult Luxembourg

Ms. Martina Przybilla
Culture Energy

Mr. Christian Oberle
Director, Clinique Bohler, Luxembourg

Mr. Michael Chamier
Director, Molitor Europe, Reckange, Luxembourg

Mr. Ritesh Singh
President, Duchy Steel Sarl, Luxembourg

Mr. Dirk Heindrichs
Tulimaa SARL, Reckange/Mersch, Luxembourg

Mr. Philippe Florentiny
Konex/Baloise Group, Differdange, Luxembourg

Mr. Edward Hyslop
Lingualex SARL, Luxembourg

Mr. Scheerlinck Mark
Managing Director, Management Consulting & Services, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Mr. Johan Van Den Berg
Director, Trustmoore Luxembourg SA

Mrs. Janice Allgrove
Director, BUROS, Strassen, Luxembourg

Mr. Vikrant Khurana
Senior Legal Counsel, Vodafone procurement Company, Luxembourg

Mr. Berthold Kiefer
General Manager, Accumalux, Luxembourg

Mr. Manvinder Singh
CIO, Luxembourg

Mr. Sanju Grover
Economic Consultant, Sanju Grover Consultancy

Ms. Noelle van Lonkhuyzen
Executive, Corporate House Listener, Luxembourg

Mr. Venkatesh Subramanian
Director, Hudson & Yorke Ltd, Luxembourg

Mr. Hermann Denis

Mr. Raymond Niesen
Burotrend, Luxembourg

Mrs. Amante Carla Gianchandani
Happy-feet Happy Body, Sandweiler, Luxembourg

Mr. Geoffrey R.E. Paris
Director, Arboretum Consulting SA, Luxembourg

Mr. Vincent Vaitty
Director, Arboretum Consulting SA, Luxembourg

Ms. Diana Degano
Accountant at Philharmonie/OPL Luxembourg

Ms. Laurence Payot
Associate at DLP LAW Firm

Mr. Stephane Etienne
Hypallages SARL

Mr. Ramesh Chander Sati
Restaurant New Delhi

Mr. Chander Ananda
Senior Manager, NeoXam

Mr. Vishnu Arun Kumar Thumatty Rajan

Mr. Anshuman Chatterjee

Mr. Philippe Leroy
Financial Director, Business Development SA

Mr. Puneet Kumar Bhasin
Category Manager, Vodafone Procurement

Mr. Raj Singh Sangha
Intl. Legal Counsel, Syniverse, Luxembourg

Mr. Bruno Pagliuca
Guirsch, Belgium

Praveen Singh

Isabelle Ferlin
HR Consultant & Coach, IF Conseil & Coaching

Bénédicte Souy
Moving People 2 Luxembourg (Founder & Migration Advisor)