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27th February 2015
  Make in India initiative sets Luxembourg in its sights.
  Indian Chamber Promotes Make in India Initiative in Luxembourg.
26th January 2015
  New Luxembourg Institute of Intellectual Property to Help Navigate Through IP Maze
  Battling the pirates – intellectual property in the digital environment.
18th November 2014
  Family entrepreneurship needs to be recognised in Luxembourg
  We must save the family business.
19th October 2014
  Best Show we had ever had
  India meets Luxembourg at Diwali celebrations
25th September 2014
  No 3D Printing Cluster for Luxembourg
  Luxembourg face the challenge of 3D Printing
29th April 2014
  Extempore Remarks by Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri at the function
  Strengthened links between India and Luxembourg
  Diamonds on the cards at IBCL fifth anniversary event
  Five years Indian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
28th March 2014
  India's financial sector and elections - what's interesting for Luxembourg investors?
  Challenges and Opportunities for Luxembourg re India's Financial Sector
14th February 2014
  The financial impact of terrorism and how to limit and prevent it.
  Indian Chamber Analyses Economic Impact of Terrorism.
  It's a global problem.  
  Delano's 3rd Anniversary celebrated, event organized in cooperation with IBCL.  
5th December 2013
  Business head calls for flights between Luxembourg and India
10th November 2013
  Large Turnout at IBCL Diwali Celebration
  IBCL & Eastern Illusions bring India closer to Luxembourg for a night
22nd June 2013
  Article on Appell An Europa
  There is no Time to Lose to Foster Entrepreneurship
16th May 2013
  IBCL Addresses Financial Markets and Indian Diaspora
  Indian diaspora offer Luxembourg gateway to Indian domestic market
  Interview with IBCL President
  A Passage back to India
21st February  2013
  You must be the change you want to see
  Mayor Bettel and Others Discuss Change at Indian Chamber
  Discussing change for the better
  Seeing change
22nd January 2013
  IBCL Discusses Outsourcing to India.
19th November 2012
  Indian Chamber Explores Economic & Business Opportunities in India
28th October 2012

Indian Community delights with Diwali celebratoins.

Karan kicks off a night to remember at Luxembourg Diwali

4th October 2012
  IBCL discusses recycling for a Sustainable future From waste to asset - the business of recycling.
18 June 2012
18th April 2012
  Spanien droht mit wirtschaftlicher Vergeltung
17th April 2012
6th March 2012
7th January 2012
22th October 2011
24th October 2011
22nd June 2011
  India and Luxembourg may learn from each other
30th March 2011
  Mediators now legally enshrined